Indeed, not Ingrid.

Indeed - Indeed, not Ingrid.

On Indeed, the world's number 1 job board, you can find jobs. This is known throughout Germany. Just like our first campaign with advertising cult figure Ingrid. Thanks to her, we've already won a silver Effie. And what do we do? Rest? Raise a glass and put our feet up? No. We take it up a notch! And win a golden Effie with Ingrid's follow-up campaign.


Thanks to her earlier success, Ingrid became so popular that she started getting requests from all over. Not just in the office, but also in her home office. Neighbors, craftsmen, mailmen - they all want a job from the lovable Ingrid. Even Santa is said to have rung her doorbell.

The fun didn't stop at Ingrid's apartment door – at least not for us. Even at her favorite club, Eintracht Frankfurt, Ingrid is mistaken for Indeed by the players. It happens. After all, Indeed is the club's main sponsor. But it wasn't long before Ingrid won the hearts of the fans. And we won with Indeed the Horizont Award for Sponsor of the Year. That's what we call really good teamwork.

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