TVC „Lachende Pferde“

TVC „Lachende Pferde“

Volkswagen, 2016


Have you ever tried to reverse into a parking space with a trailer attached? You can easily turn into a laughing stock. Millions of people in Germany, not just fans of equestrian sports, are familiar with this situation. Fortunately, the new Volkswagen Tiguan features ‘Trailer Assist’.

A TV advert which was used to kick off the Volkswagen innovation campaign highlighted the benefit of this feature. An unfortunate driver trying to park a trailer, with a group of horses laughing themselves to death.

The result: originally planned as a regular TV advert, the ‘laughing horses’ became the most successful German VW viral advert of all time. With nine million clicks in the first 72 hours alone. And over 40 million views in total. So it’s no wonder that VW markets worldwide are adapting the advert for television, exhibitions and major events. Who can resist laughing four-legged friends?


Client Volkswagen // Branches Automotive // Year 2016 //
Category TV, Viral, Kino


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