Kampagne „Robbie Williams“

Kampagne „Robbie Williams“

Volkswagen, 2014


How do you tell a story that keeps people interested a whole year long? Maybe by firing the marketing director at VW and letting pop star Robbie Williams take control of the marketing department instead. To begin at the beginning: A viral produced by us shows Robbie Williams looking for a job in Germany. As planned, the media jumps to attention. Germany goes berserk. Robbie Williams is inundated with job offers. But tough luck. On December 23rd we reveal on all major TV channels simultaneously the job Mr Williams has chosen for himself: the one at Volkswagen. From that point on, marketing director Williams has exactly one year in which to make a royal mess of the VW Group – he gets to decide on the design, equipment and the right sound for the CLUB & LOUNGE special editions, a burden he willingly shares with an occasional female celebrity. To do this we make use of all available channels, from online and social media to TV ads and print media. Generating “record sales” in the process, of course.


Client Volkswagen // Branches Automotive // Year 2014 //
Category TV, Digitale Medien, 360 Grad


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