Kampagne „Enjoy the Silence“

Kampagne „Enjoy the Silence“

Volkswagen, 2015


Sometimes it’s good to dream a little in advertising. Of a better world, for example. A world where you can have a conversation in a big city without having to shout; where you can hear the chirping of birds and where, if you’re lucky, you might even hear the sound of a children’s choir. A dream waiting to come true? No longer – we made that dream a reality in a spot produced for Volkwagen. First we filled an entire roundabout in Hannover with electric cars, and then, to drive our message home, we put a children’s choir in the middle of it to sing ‘Enjoy The Silence’ by Depeche Mode. The film was posted online on Facebook and YouTube at the start of the IAA in Frankfurt – and after only 7 days had 4.5 million views. The campaign also features on Spotify and Shazam.


Client Volkswagen // Branches Automotive // Year 2015 //
Category Digitale Medien



Contact Person

Joachim Fuchs

Business Director