Digitale Kampagne „Blinder Fotograf“

Digitale Kampagne „Blinder Fotograf“

Volkswagen, 2017


Beauty in every sense: With the new Arteon, Volkswagen entered a new era of design. It’s a kind of beauty you not only can see, but also feel. The proof? We showed it. Together with a blind photographer. For our digital campaign, Pete Eckert created extremely special pieces of art focusing the new Arteon. To experience the beauty of this car, Pete used his sense of touch to make his visions come to life for everyone to see, alongside time exposure for the photos he took. As put in his words, „You don’t need eyes to see beauty.“ Which in this case is certainly true, as the photos prove. In our web special, a film documents the artist’s creative process. In Great Britain, it was even shown on TV and in cinemas. In addition to these, we created an extentive social media package, print ads and a billboard to attract even more attention. But let your eyes see for themselves.

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Client Volkswagen // Branches Automotive // Year 2017 //
Category Digitale Medien, Print, TV


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