Literatur „Der neue Transporter. Einer wie keiner“

Literatur „Der neue Transporter. Einer wie keiner“

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, 2015


With over 400 model variations the new Transporter is a true jack of all trades. That’s right: There are over 400 model variations of this iconic vehicle. For us this means an incredible amount of information from which to create a sales literature concept meant to win tradesmen and businesses in 18 countries over to the Transporter. A Herculean task which requires more than just a solid plan of action – it requires a ton of good people. So we temporarily added six extra photographers, 20 more assistants and three more illustrators to our creative department. After all if a Volkswagen can be produced “just in time” why shouldn’t its sales literature?


Client Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge // Branches Automotive // Year 2015 //
Category Literatur

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Joachim Fuchs

Business Director