Kampagne „Das Auto, das Männer versteht.“

Kampagne „Das Auto, das Männer versteht.“

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, 2016


Great looks or desirable inner qualities? It’s not always easy to understand what men really want. Fortunately, there is a car that understands men and brings both ideals together – the new Amarok with V6 engine. To make this vehicle which oozes testosterone appealing to its target group, we followed a simple formula. We came up with a stunt that makes even the hardest guys tremble at the knees, a teaser film which redefines car porn and a catalogue which calls for its own special bookshelf. The result is the most manly campaign of all time.


Client Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge // Branches Automotive // Year 2016 //
Category TV, 360 Grad, Cases, Dialogmarketing, Literatur, Print

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Joachim Fuchs

Business Director