Social Media „Lufthansa Technik“

Social Media „Lufthansa Technik“

Lufthansa Technik, 2016


In March 2016, we were named the crew of the Lufthansa Technik Facebook page, taking off with 5000 fans. Ever since then, the number of fans keeps flying higher. Why? We engineered a new high-class look, continue to provide insights into hangars all over the world and do promotions, which we additionally push with the aid of Sponsored Ad campaigns. Of course, the wind of change also blew through its Instagram channel – bringing with it our own look and feel, as well as loads of #planeporn.

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Client Lufthansa Technik // Branches Dienstleistung // Year 2016 //
Category Digitale Medien

Contact Person

Joachim Fuchs

Business Director