News #teamgrabarz: G&P gives 20% work time for homeschooling and mentoring


There's nothing in the world we like better than ideas that move people and brands. Nothing. On the other hand: No idea, no campaign, no film, no platform and no stunt, no matter how big, is worth risking the health of our employees or their families. That's why all of Grabarz & Partner has been at home office or working mobile since March 17, 2020. No pressure to come into the agency. That was our motto. Unfortunately, the pandemic numbers are not developing as we had all hoped. That's why we've decided, effective immediately, all employees at our agency can use 20% of their work time for what's especially important right now: Homeschooling. Childcare. Math homework. Geometry. Binomial formulas. Rule of three. Whatever. And all that on full salary. Without any checks, without any proof, without any paperwork.