Even though for years we’ve ranked among the most creative agencies in Germany (and in good years among the most creative in the world): We’re not the kind of people to define ourselves in terms of awards or rankings. Sure, awards can be fun. Like having a hobby. But it would be silly to inflate this into an “official creative ranking” year upon year. Because this is exactly the kind of approach that doesn’t reflect the creative momentum an agency develops on a daily basis. Instead it reflects how much time and money an agency invests in award-focused projects day after day. (There are apparently agencies that have whole teams dedicated towards winning awards. Whereas you, as do we, ponder every day: “How can some stupid low-fat yoghurt grab more market shares?”, other agencies spend their days wondering: “How can I use this product to grab some stupid award?”) That’s why we don’t define ourselves in terms of awards. But rather in terms of something a bit more complex: namely, every single project we have out there. And whether they meet our standard of ”ideas people like to share” – therefore boosting the success of our clients. And if it so happens that this also wins us awards, that’s fine with us. We’re easy. (Hang on a sec, is that a GOLDEN LION I see in that picture?!)