What we believe in, what drives us, what we do.

Grabarz & Partner - What we believe in, what drives us, what we do.

We believe in long-term relationships.

We believe in long-term relationships.

Brands today need more than just ‘consumers’. They need long-term backers. For that, a brand has to give people something they’re interested in. There’s no longer just one way or three mediums to pique interest in brands. So let’s forget Instagram and TikTok and all that hot shit for a second. That’s just one part of the world people live in. But not the whole world. A song, an app, a game, a building – anything can be brand communication today. Because people can choose if, when, where and with whom they interact. With most brands, they don’t want to interact. And that’s exactly what we want to change.

We believe in collective power.

GRABARZ GROUP. - We believe in collective power.

Nowadays, brands are facing new challenges. Luckily, we like challenges. To tackle them, the Grabarz Group is home to more than 250 highly qualified marketing specialists from various fields. We take care of big brands such as Porsche, IKEA, Amazon or Burger King, and smaller brands who want to become big, too. We are connected. Fast. Hungry. Fierce.

We believe in the power of emotion.

Without emotions, a brand is just some boring company. Emotions define brands. Emotions make them stand out. Likeable. Special. Desirable. Such brands don’t come from meetings or at conference tables. But from the minds and hearts of people. That’s why we do everything we can to charge brands with the right emotions. For Porsche and Volkswagen, as well as for Burger King and IKEA. Because brands have to inspire today. Astound. Surprise. To make us laugh or cry. Give us the chills or an unforgettable moment. We work on that every day. Because we know: only those who move people, move brands and market share. Anything else is like talking to yourself.

We believe in collaboration.

We believe in collaboration.

To create communication that moves people and brands, we work differently. Within the agency, we’re all about (please insert all the usual buzzwords like ‘agile working’, ‘silo-free’ or ‘scrum’). But above all, we work differently with our clients. We’re not the agency that, once briefed, will after four weeks parade a dog and pony show in your meeting room, whisking away all problems in a single, magical presentation. Because most problems and tasks today are far too complex. We’re also not the agency that always does exactly what’s expected of it. That’s why we work tightly with our clients from the very start. We ask; we drill deep; we want to know all the ins and outs possible. Not always convenient. But extremely efficient.